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If you live in or around the Turlock, CA area, The Law Firm of Gina Leguria can provide you with elder law and estate planning services. Many people believe they do not need to take advantage of these services until they are older, but this is not the case. Our compassionate and knowledgeable legal team helps people of all ages to be prepared for whatever the future may bring.

Whether you want control over what kinds of care you receive in a medical emergency, need help to provide for your loved ones if something happens to you, or want to protect your assets, working with an experienced attorney to make effective use of legal tools is important to accomplish your goals. Contact The Law Firm of Gina Leguria today to find out about the comprehensive, personalized assistance we can provide with your estate planning process.

Life in Turlock, CA

Turlock, California is a California city located in Stanislaus County. The city had a population of just over 72,000 people as of the most recent census. Because of its large population, Turlock is the second largest city within its county. Modesto is the only city larger within the Stanislaus area.

Turlock is located between Modesto and Merced California, and the town spans a total of 16.9 square miles. Turlock is entirely comprised of land, with no water in the city, and the area is known for having wet winters and warm, dry summers.

The city was first founded back in 1871 after settlers petitioned to establish a local post office. While settlers originally wanted the city to be called Sierra, this name was not a unique one because the Post Office Department felt it could be confused for Sierra County. The name Turlock was suggested and adopted and became the official name of the city, although the city was not officially incorporated until 1908.

Turlock experienced a big increase in growth in the 1980s when more houses began to be constructed throughout all of California. As the San Francisco Bay area grew and expanded and demand for housing increased, more development also occurred in Turlock.

Seniors in Turlock, CA

As of the most recent census, nine percent of households in Turlock were comprised of someone aged 65 or older who lives alone. In total, 11.7 percent of Turlock residents were seniors aged 65 and up as of that census.

When seniors live independently, they often need community support or assistance. There are nonprofits and community organizations in the area that help to cater to seniors. For example, the Turlock Senior Ciitzens is a nonprofit corporation that provides a place for seniors to find companionship and to take advantage of educational and recreational opportunities. There is a schedule of events on the website and there are also articles of interest to seniors.

While nonprofits and community groups offer important help to seniors, often more assistance becomes necessary as people age. For example, seniors might have to move into a nursing home if they cannot live independently any longer or may need home health aides to come to their homes to provide them with help and support.

The costs of nursing home care or long term care at home can be very high and most often are not covered by Medicare or private insurance, but The Law Firm of Gina Leguria can provide assistance to seniors in getting costs covered while protecting assets. This could involve the creation of a Medicaid plan or taking other steps to get nursing home care paid for without losing the chance to leave a legacy.

Courts in Turlock, CA

The Law Firm of Gina Leguria provides representation in other circumstances as well, including when it becomes necessary to go to probate court. Probate courts preside over the transfer of assets after a death, and also preside over incapacity proceedings where a guardian or conservator is appointed to act on behalf of someone who is too incapacitated to act independently.

The Superior Court of California for the County of Stanislaus provides information on probate courts applicable to those who live in Turlock or who have an incapacitated or deceased loved one in the Turlock area.

Probate court for Stanislaus County is located at 819 17th Street in Modesto, CA 95356.

Getting Help from Turlock, CA Elder Law Attorneys

Whether you need help with probate, want to make an incapacity plan, need assistance protecting your assets as you age, or want other help protecting your future and preserving your legacy, The Law Firm of Gina Leguria is here to help. Give us a call today to talk with our Turlock elder law and estate planning attorneys and find out what we can do for you.

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