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The Law Firm of Gina Leguria was founded in 2000, and we provide estate planning and elder law services in Modesto, California. We do everything possible to educate the public about the importance of planning ahead for the eventualities of aging. Our firm offers seminars on an ongoing basis, and Attorney Leguria also speaks at external events.

We want people to make fully informed decisions, because mistakes can be made that can have negative ramifications later on. One common scenario is a failure to plan ahead for the costs associated with nursing home care. Many people assume that Medicare will cover long-term care, but in fact, this is not the case. Nursing homes are extremely expensive, so the vast majority of seniors could not comfortably pay for a stay in a nursing home out-of-pocket.

Medi-Cal is the solution for most individuals. This program does pay for long-term care if you can gain eligibility. Since we have so much experience, our firm has an in-depth understanding of the strategies that can be implemented to gain Medi-Cal eligibility at the ideal time.

Attorney Leguria is a member of the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys. Laws are always changing, and estate planning and elder law strategies evolve. This relationship gives our firm the ability to stay up-to-date at all times. The Academy is a highly respected national organization that conducts in-depth research on an ongoing basis, and the fresh information is always circulated among its members.

It can be intimidating to speak about personal, family, and financial matters to an attorney that you have just met. We fully understand this dynamic, and our response to it is one of the great strengths of our firm. Gina Leguria is a fantastic communicator with the uncanny ability to put people at ease from the start. When you work with our firm, you will get sincere, personalized attention, and we will always be available to make adjustments to your plan as circumstances change.

In addition to the straightforward estate planning and Medi-Cal planning guidance that we provide, we also assist people that are faced with more complicated circumstances. We counsel clients that own family businesses and farms along with high net worth individuals that are exposed to the estate tax.

Special needs planning is another area of specialization for us. People with disabilities often rely on Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income, and inheritances can impact eligibility. However, there are solutions, and we help our clients implement them.

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Now that you know a little bit about what we do, you may be interested in sitting down to discuss your legacy with our attorney. We would be more than glad to assist you, and our initial consultations are offered on a complementary basis. You can send us a message through our contact page to set the wheels in motion, and we can also be reached by phone at (209) 416-0353.

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