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Many Manteca residents do not have the right plans in place to protect themselves and their loved ones in the event of incapacity or death. No one likes to think about what will happen if they get sick or pass away, but not thinking about these things can make a terrible situation even worse.

You want to control your legacy, protect your family, avoid unwanted medical care and ensure your assets are secure – and you need to work with an elder law or estate planning lawyer to use the right tools to accomplish these goals. The Law Firm of Gina Leguria is here to help if you live in Manteka, CA.

Our compassionate and knowledgeable makes handling tough issues easy by walking you through the process of identifying and accomplishing your estate planning goals. We provide help to clients of all ages and we will work with you to ensure you have the peace-of-mind of knowing you’re prepared for whatever the future holds. To find out more about the help we can offer you, give us a call today.

Life in Manteca, CA

Manteca, California is a city in San Joaquin, California which had a population of just over 75,000 people as of the most recent census. It is considered to be a part of California’s Central Valley and the city is located just over 75 miles to the east of San Francisco.

Manteca dates back to 1861, when Joshua Cowell claimed acreage in the area and built homes in the area. The Central Pacific Railroad went through Manteca, and while the residents originally wanted their train station to be called Cowell Station, another station already had that name so residents instead chose Monteca. The railroad misprinted the name as Manteca, and eventually this became the official name of the town, with the misspelling of the original name becoming a source of humor for locals.

Manteca is located at a crossroads of several major highways and railroads, and has become a popular area for commuters in search of affordable housing in the Bay Area. The population has expanded rapidly since the 1990s as people have moved out of San Francisco in search of a lower cost of living area, and housing is increasingly being constructed on areas that were once primarily farmland.

Seniors in Manteca, CA

In Manteca, around 7.1 percent of households are comprised of someone aged 65 or older who lives alone. As of the most recent census, an estimated 9.9 percent of the population in Manteca was 65 or older.

Seniors often come to rely on supportive services as they experience the effects of aging, especially if they want to remain independent and continue living in their homes. The City of Manteca has information on its official website about services for seniors. This includes a 10,000-plus square foot multi-purpose senior center that caters to adults aged 50 and over.

The senior center offers free or low-cost activities and programs, including classes on computers and social networking.

Unfortunately, many seniors do eventually need more support than free or community-based services can provide. It is common for seniors to move to nursing homes as they age or to require long term care at home. Medicare typically won’t pay for these types of services, so The Law Firm of Gina Leguria provides assistance to seniors and their families in making an asset protection plan and taking steps to ensure that essential nursing home care services will be covered by means-tested Medicaid or through other appropriate means.

Courts in Manteca, CA

The Law Firm of Gina Leguria also represents clients who must go to probate court for any reason. Probate courts preside over incapacity proceedings, so a guardian and conservator can be named if a person becomes physically or mentally unable to care for himself or act on his own. While incapacity planning can make these proceedings unnecessary, many people don’t have such a plan in place and their loved ones need to go to court in the event of a serious physical or mental illness.

Going to court can also become necessary to pass assets through the probate process after a death has occurred. While estate planning can facilitate assets outside of this process, it is common for wealth to pass through probate and our firm can provide representation to heirs or beneficiaries, the executor of an estate, and anyone else involved in probate proceedings.

The Superior Court of California for the County of San Joaquin is the court where those in Manteca, CA will need to handle probate proceedings. This court is located at 180 E. Weber Avenue, Stockton, CA 95202 and can be called at 209-992-5696.

Getting Help from Manteca, CA Elder Law Attorneys

For help making your plans for the future, whether you want to make an estate plan, an incapacity plan, a legacy plan and more, contact The Law Firm of Gina Leguria today. Our Manteca elder law and estate planning attorneys are here for you.

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