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The Law Firm of Gina Leguria provides estate planning assistance to people in and around Modesto, California. We handle elder law matters as well, with an emphasis on long-term care and the costs that go along with it.

Our clients discuss very sensitive subjects with us, and this is something that we take to heart. You can rest assured that you will receive sincere, personalized attention every step of the way when you work with Attorney Gina Leguria.

Modesto Estate Planning Attorneys

When you plan your estate, you arrange for the transfer of everything that you have earned throughout your life to the people you love the most. This is a very profound endeavor, and there are different ways to go about it. A last will is not the only option, and in many cases, it’s not the best one.

Communication is key, and this is our strength. We can gain an understanding of your situation, become apprised of your objectives, and make recommendations. At the end of the process, you can put a plan in place that will provide for your loved ones in the optimal manner.

If you would like to obtain some detailed information about estate planning, we have a lot of great resources on this website. One of them is our free special report on joint tenancy, and you can obtain access to your copy if you click this link.

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Modesto Medi-Cal Planning Attorneys

Medicare does not pay for long-term care, and most senior citizens will eventually need help with their activities of daily living. Medi-Cal is another government health insurance program that will pay for living assistance. Since it is intended for people with limited financial resources, it takes careful planning to position your assets with future Medi-Cal eligibility in mind.

This is an area of expertise for our firm, and we also help our clients address other legal matters that are of interest to senior citizens. If you would like to schedule a free consultation, we can be reached by phone at (209) 416-0353. You can alternately send us a message through the contact page on this website.

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